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  • Due to the fact that several customers have not rendered payment for parts up front when required, we will no longer be able to order them unless paid in full prior to ordering. When customer(s) payments are not rendered to us, that is unacceptable. We are a business, so we are trying to make money to survive. We are here to serve the community but not to serve the community for free. We work for you and ultimately, we want you to have the best experience which is why we may offer to order in inexpensive computer components and/or accessories using our funding. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to do so and will have to enforce this policy going forward due to unrendered payment(s) to our business when we most recently did so. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

  • Multiple computer repair businesses are replacing broken screens for customers mobile devices are well within their rights but only if they were a consumer helping another consumer.
    Muha Computer Repair, does not repair broken screens for mobile devices, including tablets and 2 in 1 tablet/laptops because components are irreplaceable due to software locks. Those software locks cannot be removed by anyone but the manufacturers. As a business, this is a swindle to make money by providing a dishonest service.
    Muha Computer Repair is about quality and honesty.
    The components may be replaceable but even using genuine, OEM components are something
    Muha Computer Repair advises to customers due to the software locks. The software locks disable some of the component's software functionalities that are not able to be reenabled by the consumer because they become unavailable as if they were never there. An example of this is Adaptive Brightness for displays, also known as True Tone by Apple. That feature allows your Adaptive Display (screen) to your screens color (appearance) based on the brightness and lighting in your environment. The same goes for Apple Computers of all kinds (desktops such as iMacs and laptops such as MacBooks) of which also disables software functionalities for the hardware, such as Adaptive Brightness. Governments all around the world are actively working to change this from a legal perspective because manufacturers locking functionalities for hardware through software is violating the consumers right to repair their own devices and is costing businesses money due to their customer base having to be limited with no choice for the business to honestly operate by servicing hardware components in mobile devices and computers by Apple. This is also forcing customers to pay for repairs that have their prices illegally gouged by companies such as Apple. Even if laws are changed, the quality of devices being repaired is significantly lowered because only factories that make the devices have the machines necessary to ensure a perfect watertight seal for mobile devices with water resistance. Therefore, mobile devices that have water resistance that are repaired will never be the same again, and
    Muha Computer Repair will not perform those services.

  • We guarantee our services are going to satisfy you. If they do not, we have you covered. Within twenty-one days, you will be provided free customer service to resolve any issues with your most recent ticket; if your bill has been paid in full and you re-experience your problems or they are not resolved to your satisfaction. If we informed you that the services we provided may not have been as effective as you would expect before we performed the services, this does not apply.

  • Per our COVID policy, we require an appointment for services.

  • We do not accept calls, texts, e-mails, letters, or any other solicitations. It is strictly prohibited and we will contact the police if you do not comply with our request. You will be trespassed from our locations.