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This book is affiliated with Muha Computer Repair. Chris Muha, the Owner, and Lead Technician wrote it. Chris Muha solely owns the copyright of this literary work. Currently, Amazon only has the Kindle version (eBook) of this book available for purchase... The book is also published in digital format (eBook) on Google, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. Prints of this book are available as author copies. They are printed by Barnes & Noble press. All book formats are printed using high-quality materials. There are multiple formats of print versions of this book available. Please be aware that all formats consist of the same content. The links below are shortened for convenience. The links direct to official merchant links.


Amazon (Kindle Edition/eBook)


Barnes & Noble (eBook)



Please e-mail us to purchase a print of Chris' book.
We will place an order for you because our merchants do not currently offer prints of our book.
Please include book order as the subject of the e-mail.


If you have any concerns about plagiarism/copying and pasting articles from the internet, any other literary works, and/or etcetera, please read the following disclosure from Chris Muha:
All the writings in my book have been written by me, with extremely limited amounts of research because of my broad knowledge of computers.
In addition to my broad knowledge/expertise in the
Information Technology field, I have done more educational research and have had more educational experiences throughout the years, which have and will continue to allow me to expand my knowledge, which I will add to my writings/this literary work and therefore continue to update the book accordingly.
Throughout those times, I have been able to gain even more experience by helping people in need with their technologies and I have updated the book numerous times for that reason as well and will continue to do so.
That is why it is vital to read every piece of information contained in my book to be able to best understand the contents of my book, and to recognize any changes that I have made, if you happen to have copies of the original publications/any before the latest version.
I do not have copies of those files because I override everything when I update the documentation for easy organization in my system, so I can publish the updates easily. I do not have specific documentation of the specific changes I have made (except for what I have published alongside with the updates to the Apple eBook version of my writing), including to this file, as those were accidentally deleted when I was trying to update/organize them in my system...
However, I feel that this is more than enough information for anyone to understand what the updates have been, and to encourage them to read through/brainstorm any writings/knowledge that they have, to expand or correct anything that they need to, so they can better themselves, and to better assist others in need.
Any chapters of this book that do not have direct information on computers such as the History chapter are more research that I did on the internet for projects I was assigned back in High School rather than educational material on computer repair and other technological advancements and/or troubleshooting.

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