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We have over ten years of experience
in the computer repair career.
We have repaired numerous software problems, which include, but are not limited to, correcting settings to satisfy the user, making computers and mobile devices more secure, optimized and as ready as they were as soon as they came out of the box! We also have the hardware experience to build you your dream computer or upgrade and/or optimize your old and sluggish machine to be a computer that can perform tasks, manage complex operations, and more!

Computer slowing down? Not a problem, we are here to tune it up to function as good as new.

Did you buy a used computer? Bring it to us and let it be tuned to perform like you have never seen before! We are committed to quality work, and ensuring your computers and mobile devices are performing at their peak!

The owner, Chris, is disabled with severe anxiety (GAD) and ASD/ADHD, as well as Asthma and COPD. He has many symptoms, including tics, both verbal and motor, and in no way does he intend to be unprofessional or aggressive, and is sorry if he makes you uncomfortable, disturbed, or offended.
We are willing to collaborate with you to ensure the customer service you receive from us is satisfactory.

We feel remote assistance is not only the most convenient for the customer but is also an effortless way to social distance to protect yourselves from any wide-spread illnesses, such as the COVID virus.
We sanitize all work surfaces in-between each customer’s appointment.
We also provide on-site services to those that are willing to bring their computer to us, or transport the owner, Chris, to their location to service it.

At the expense of the customer, we also offer shipping services for hardware, and even software if you prefer.