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Chris has over ten years of experience in computer servicing and customer service.
Chris has repaired numerous software and hardware problems, which include, but are not limited to, correcting settings to better the user experience of his customers computing experience.
Chris makes computers and mobile devices more secure, optimized and as ready as they were when they came out of the box!
Chris' customers often give him feedback that their computers perform much better than they did when they were new!
Chris also has the hardware experience to build you your dream computer or upgrade your existing.
Chris can also optimize your old and sluggish computers and devices to be able to perform like new or better then ever before.
Complex tasks, complex operations, and whatever more will not be a road block for Chris.
Computer slowing down?
Not a problem, Chris is here to tune it up to function as good as new!
The services Chris offers and provides at Muha Computer Repair making your computers performing better than new is nothing new for us!

Did you buy a used computer? Bring it to Chris and him tune it up to perform like you have never seen before!
Chris is dedicated to his job to serve the community and is therefore committed to high-quality work and customer satisfaction.
Chris ensures your computers and mobile devices are performing at their peak.
Chris peforms services to ensure your data is private and secure. Chris keeps you in the loop every step of the way because customer satisfaction is his highest priority.
Unfortunately, Chris is disabled with severe anxiety (GAD)(including social anxiety) and ASD/ADHD, as well as Asthma and COPD.
Chris has severely debilitating symptoms, including tics, both verbal and motor, but in no way does he intend to be unprofessional and/or offensive and apologizes if he makes you uncomfortable, disturbed, or offended.
Chris feels remote assistance is not only the most convenient for the customer but is also an effortless way to social distance to protect yourselves from any wide-spread illnesses, such as the COVID virus.
Chris specializes in providing secure VIRTUAL COMPUTER REPAIR!
Chris also provides on-site services to those in need.
He is transported by his UCP Worker, so appointment times scheduled may need to be changed dependent on his schedule.
Per Muha Computer Repair Policies, Chris is required to sanitize all work surfaces in-between each customer’s appointment.
At the expense of the customer, Chris also offers shipping services for hardware services, and even software services if you prefer.

Chris is honest when it comes to the services he provides. Chris does not service things that should not be serviced…

Muha Computer Repair appreciates any customer feedback. Please take the time to leave us a Google Review. The reviews help us grow our business so we can continue to serve you.

Want to be a computer professional but are scared to learn or just do not have the money for college or self-education materials, look no further!
Chris authored a book to educate you on basic computing as well as expert computer repair skills.
His book is titled
The Fundamentals of Computer IT!

Our goal is to help those that do not know how to use technology including computers, smart phones and more learn the basics of computing and even more if you want to be a computer expert.
Chris hopes that you will enjoy his book and learn new tips, tricks, and more!
You are learning from the most in-depth information that you will ever read on
The Fundamentals of Computer IT!
You have read computer books, but have you read Chris' book?
Do you have the knowledge you need to be a computer master?


Muha Computer Repair appreciates any customer feedback. Please take the time to leave us a Google Review. The reviews help us grow our business so we can continue to serve you.

Alexander Jackson

Very responsive!!! My laptop broke at 6 pm and by 7 Chris had diagnosed the issue and started repairs. The entire interaction was professional and friendly, and his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend his services to solve any issues your computer has.

Google Review

Joe Masterleo

Having called on Chris in the past, we recently phone himm with a Roku TV dilemma from our winter residence in Florida. Though it was well into the evening, he answered right away and spent over an hour patiently walking us through how to remedy same on our end. Again, as before, we benefitted appreciatively from his know-how, experience and ready availability attending to our electronic service needs. In each instance, we have experienced prompt and friendly, service. Chris has a great fund of tech knowledge and repair know-how at customer friendly prices. Is very willing to offer his advice and expertise in how to best maintain your particular device after the fact. Provided expert same day service on my laptop, volunteering a brief tutorial on crucial info I never knew about it. Very patient and informative for a non-tech customer like me.

Google Review

Ruth Wraight-Masterleo

Chris is exceptionally skilled. We’re seasonal residents and needed a printer. Chris advised us on what printer to buy given our needs. He is prompt and responsive to customer technical questions and concerns. He is friendly and professional.

Google Review

Jeff Burris

A big THANK YOU to Chris for everything. After I fumbled like a fool for days, he set up my new Mac and transferred info from my pervious computer, with no troubles at all. I run a business at home and I have no time for a computer that's not set up or working properly. This will never again be a concern thanks to Chris. He's prompt, polite, most competent and most helpful when it comes to directing me towards the best course of action. Although he only worked for me for a few hours, I'm proud to consider him an employee. I have a feeling well be hearing from one another quite frequently.

Google Review

Don Henry

First, I was able to get an appointment within 2 days to address my laptop issue, which had crashed. Second, Chris resolved my problem very quickly, taking more time than he charged me to ensure it was properly fixed - and he did an excellent job, as my laptop is working better than ever! Last, with his recommendation regarding PC security, I am now able to protect my laptop while spending less money. Thank you, Chris!

Google Review